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Many readers choose to buy their books in boxed sets for a couple of good reasons. Firstly, it usually saves them money and secondly, it’s a handy way of cutting down on the sheer numbers of separate items in their collection – speeds following on reading too when the series are really exciting!

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More about the books in this boxed set

‘Whatever It Takes’, the first book in the set, introduces Gemini – a totally new Cyber-warfare technology. As the growing threat of inter-State cyber-warfare leaves behind the comparative irritants of hacking into databases and begins to meddle in elections and the democratic processes of Nations, a cyber-weapon like Gemini has the power to cripple a country. The book deals with Wilder and a small elite team fighting off the first attacks on Gemini by the Moscow Mafia.

Tom Wilder’s background and maverick streak made him the perfect candidate to pull in to keep Gemini out of the wrong hands.

‘Stealth’, book number two in the series tells of the Russian President picking the ruthless oligarch Victor Zorin to steal Gemini for him. Zorin’s ability to get things done in building his post-Perestroika empire qualifies him well for the task and for wreaking potentially terminal damage on the US with it. It is only Wilder with the use of the original Gemini setup that can help the US Agencies thwart Zorin’s deadly plans.

‘Rogue State’ the third book in the series sees the US calling in Wilder and the original Gemini to infiltrate the first of the World’s rogue states and disarm its missile systems. This first success in taming rogue states leads to the overthrow of the dictator of the first small rogue state. In revenge, however, this same tyrant gets into the US and plans its destruction from within. It soon becomes a race against time as Wilder and the US Agencies hunt him down before he can cripple the country from within.

‘The Hoard’, the fourth book in the series is due out in the Spring of 2018. Although it features Tom Wilder and is therefore part of the same thriller series, it deals with an exciting historical legacy which suddenly comes to life thanks to new modern technology. Wilder is initially called in to trace a mysteriously missing friend of his former boss, but soon a much darker tale of mafia revenge and an ancient treasure trove unfolds.

Some of the most original plots I have come across in years

Theodore Marchant, Senior Book Editor, Marchant & Frobisher
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